Nisha, a resident of village Nattoo Ki Mandhiya is benefitting from the solar power project undertaken by the Schumacher Centre. She and her family reflect the positive change in her testimony:

‘Since solar powered lights have been installed, my son is doing well in studies as he can study late in the evenings... the solar fans keep the mosquitoes away from my kids… this is a source of happiness to our family.’

Schumacher Centre exists as a bridge to link India’s rural poor with government, business and the civil sector.

India’s forgotten villages harbour a quarter of a billion people living in poverty. The livelihoods of village dwellers are under constant threat.

Schumacher Centre has a strong presence in rural India. Our efforts also go beyond grassroots field work. We influence policy, promote good NGO practice, and provide training, consultancy and intellectual expertise as part of the ongoing fight against poverty in rural India.

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